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Encore Orgel Festival Holland


Special concert 'Bridges'

Lavinia Meijer and
Pieter van Dijk



Friday September 15 2017, 20.15

Grote Sint Laurenskerk Alkmaar


Lavinia Meijer and Pieter van Dijk connects the old and the new in this unique concert. Lavinia: 'The harp and the organ are age-old instruments, but both have also gone through a development towards the present day. When these instruments play together the vocal colouring is magnificent. Pieter and I look forward to let the audience hear this. We will build bridges from ancient music to that of Einaudi and Glass, leaving room for improvisation'.


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Organ Festival up to date


Organ Festival is going with the times.


Admittedly: the organs are old, very old even, but apart from that Organ Festival Holland is right there in modern times. With newly composed music and young inspired musicians from all over the world.


Modern technology is also brought into action. With spectacular colour animations and a true horror movie projected on a gigantic screen there is much to see and hear for the audience. Completely new at this festival is the live projection of the competition finals, so that the efforts of the musicians can be followed closely. It promises lots of emotions and tensions for a gripping aftermovie.


This is how the festival wants to turn every activity into an event of which the people of Alkmaar can be proud: from the Prologue to the amazing final concert Cathedral Mobile. We are able to bring this about with the support of all our partners. Here you can see who these partners are.

OFH now has a BLOG with impressions of the festival

Read HERE what has already been posted.


Join the club! Watch the programme!

To get into the mood: experience the intimacy of the fabulous Van Covelens-organ:CLICK HERE.


[cartoon Henk Langenkamp]



Laurens covb

The three candidates to go to the finale


The jury has announced who will go on to the finale. They are:

Thomas Kientz (3), Martin Riccabona (2) and Minji Choi(6).


Friday evening June 16 they will play the organs in the Grote Sint Laurenskerk and try to get the first prize.

More information about all competition participants: CLICK HERE


The Organ Festival Holland 2017 will be held from June 9th to June 17th.

This year the repertoire includes two modern compositions: ´Oneliner´ by Andries van Rossem and ´Estampie´ by Franz Danksagmüller. About this last piece the composer tells about his expectations in a vivid video portrait [CLICK HERE for the video or go to the Filmalbum].


Programme Booklet 2017


Programme booklet Organ Festival Holland online

The festival programme booklet 2017 is now available online. A beautiful edition full of information about the concerts, the excursions, the musicians, the academy and the competition.

You can download it HERE or just skim through it. Enjoy reading and for later: enjoy listening.

OFH at


For the first time Orgel Festival Holland can be found on, the website containing news about everything to do with classical music concerts in the Netherlands.


Be inspired by what’s on offer and experience the remarkable diversity of the Alkmaar festival programme.

ClickHERE for the website.

OFH on BravaTV

Organ Festival Holland will be broadcast on Brava TV. Check HERE for broadcasting schedule.

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